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July 13, 2024 7:41 am

UN report raises concern about children safety in conflict zones, such as Sudan, Congo, Haiti

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New Delhi, June 14

The UN envoy tasked with monitoring violations against children in global conflict zones has released a report voicing grave concerns about the welfare of children in Sudan, Congo, and Haiti, all of which are ravaged by war.

The United Nations envoy, Virginia Gamba, recently highlighted concerns about children in conflict zones like Sudan, Congo, and Haiti.

Gamba expressed worries about ongoing conflicts such as Myanmar’s civil war and its impact on neighboring Bangladesh, as well as future concerns for Somalia and Afghanistan.

In a notable move, the UN blacklisted Israeli forces, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants for violating children’s rights during recent conflicts. The Russian armed forces and related groups were also blacklisted for their actions in Ukraine.

Specifically focusing on Sudan, Gamba emphasized the escalating situation in Darfur and Chad. Conflict erupted in Sudan in April 2023, leading to thousands of casualties. The UN cited the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and Sudanese Armed Forces for various violations against children.

In Congo, with the imminent withdrawal of the UN peacekeeping force, concerns rise over escalating violence and “massive sexual violence” against children. Gamba expressed apprehensions about losing vital monitoring and engagement capabilities.

Regarding Haiti, Gamba’s monitoring was limited to the latter half of 2023, with insufficient data for the UN blacklist. Gangs’ increasing control since President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination has led to widespread violence, prompting civilian vigilante actions.

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