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Chandigarh University mechatronics engineering students successfully tests AI-powered driverless car NOMAD

Chandigarh, May 19 Despite having only 1 percent of the total vehicles in the world, India accounts for over 11 per cent of global road accident deaths, equating to nearly…

Former Cong leader Sunil Jakhar joins BJP, Nadda says ‘will play a big role’

Punjab Police apprehend two men, spying for Pakistan’s ISI, from Kolkata

100 challans issued to shop owners during Anti-tobacco drive in Mohali

SC allows review application, imposes one-year rigorous imprisonment on Navjot Singh Sidhu in road rage case

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US reports first case of monkeypox in man who recently travelled to Canada

New York, May 19 Massachusetts on Thursday reported a rare case of monkeypox in a man who recently travelled to Canada, and health officials are looking into whether it is…

Flood condition worsens in Assam, landlsides in Arunachal; 9 dead

5G will contribute USD 450 billion to Indian economy in next 15 years

ED files money laundering case against Raj Kundra for producing pornography films

Price of domestic LPG cylinder increased again

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Chandigarh View More

Chandigarh witnesses 16 fresh cases of covid

Chandigarh, May 19 The city witnessed 16 new cases of Covid on Wednesday, taking the active caseload to 69. While there was no fresh fatality, 22 patients recovered from the…

5 food units caught on the wrong foot in Chandigarh

CBI arrests Senior Assistant CHB for accepting bribe

Vijay Dev takes oath as State Election Commissioner, Chandigarh

Chandigarh Food Safety Dept imposes penalties of Rs 3.75 lakh on various units

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Haryana View More

Man dies in road mishap in Palwal village

Palwal, May 19 A 52-year-old man died after his motorcycle was hit by a vehicle near Andhrola village in the district last night. The police have registered a case of…

Encroachments demolished at Rohtak’s Shouri Market

Karnal administration drive to provide Aadhaar cards to street kids

Fresh heatwave spell to hit region today

3 children drown in Bhiwani pond

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Ashwini Vaishnaw makes India’s first 5G call at IIT Madras

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], May 20 (ANI): Union Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw on Thursday made the first 5G call on a trial network set up at IIT Madras using indigenously-developed te…

President Kovind congratulates Nikhat Zareen for winning gold at World Boxing C’ships

PM Modi to address BJP national office bearers’ meeting today

CBI questions Bengal minister Paresh Adhikary in illegal teachers recruitment scam case

Fire breaks out in Margana forest area in J-K’s Udhampur

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Politics View More

Goa: Corruption main cause for ‘poor’ road engineering on Atal Setu, alleges AAP

Panaji (Goa) [India], May 19 (ANI): Goa Minister Nilesh Cabral on Thursday said the state government asked IIT Madras to find out the reasons for the recurrence of potholes on the Atal Setu bridge that is located between Panaji and Porvorim in the coas…

Rahul Gandhi to embark on nationwide ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ starting from Kanyakumari on Oct 2

CPI holds protest in Hyderabad against arrest of MP Binoy Vishwam

Crisis in Congress deepening, Rahul Gandhi flies to UK to address ‘India at 75’ at Cambridge

AAP Uttarakhand chief ministerial candidate Ajay Kothiyal resigns from party

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India adds record 88 lakh jobs in April: CMIE report

New Delhi, May 16 In one of the largest expansions in the labour market since the beginning of the pandemic, 88 lakh people joined the country’s workforce in April, the…

Food, oil prices push inflation to 8-year high

Where did Rs 3 lakh crore of Punjab go?

Punjab voted to prevent poaching

Explained: AAP’s 300 Units free electricity scheme in Punjab will benefit its people

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Filmi Galbaat – Entertainment View More

Kate Middleton, Prince William join Tom Cruise for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ UK premiere

London [UK], May 20 (ANI): The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton, on Thursday evening, hit the red carpet for the UK premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ alongside its lead actor Tom Cruise.According to People magazine, for the…

Jennifer Lopez breaks down over 2019 Oscars snub in ‘Halftime’ documentary trailer

‘Riverdale’ to conclude with upcoming season 7 at The CW

Margot Robbie to star in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ prequel film

Ed Sheeran announces birth of second baby

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Defense View More

Encounter breaks out between terrorists, security forces in J-K’s Shopian

Shopian, May 9 An encounter has started between terrorists and security forces in the Shirmal area of Zainapora village in South Kashmir’s Shopian district in Jammu and Kashmir. Further details…

Live hand grenade recovered from Army trooper baggage at Srinagar airport

Two terrorists killed in Kulgam encounter in J-K

2 Pakistani terrorists involved in attack on CRPF personnel killed in Srinagar encounter

J-K: Two terror modules busted, four LeT associates arrested in Bandipora

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World View More

NATO chief vows to settle Turkey’s concerns over expansion

Copenhagen [Denmark], May 20 (ANI/Xinhua): Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), on Thursday pledged to address Turkey’s concerns on Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to join the military alliance.”We a…

South Korea reports 25,125 new COVID-19 cases

Wildfires near Ukraine’s Chernobyl plant pose no radioactive threat: IAEA

Russian Foreign Minister participates in BRICS Foreign Ministers meeting

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines PM, Prime Minister Modi share ‘good’ friendship

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Sports View More

Hoping for full capacity in stadium for India-South Africa T20 match: DDCA official

By Vipul KashyapNew Delhi [India], May 20 (ANI): With the Board of Control for Cricket in India allowing full-capacity in stadiums for the India versus South Africa five-match T20 series, Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) is gearing up to h…

Arsenal, Manchester City launch home kits for next season

Virat Kohli completes 7000 runs for RCB

Barcelona to play Inter Miami, New York RB in July pre-season friendlies

IPL 2022: Chase master Virat Kohli takes RCB to fourth after win against GT

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Science View More

Researchers reveal major infrared breakthroughs can lead to solar energy at night

Parkville [Australia], May 18 (ANI): Researchers have developed a device based on a technique similar to night-vision goggles that can generate electricity from heat radiation.The findings of the research were published in the journal ‘ACS Photonics’ a…

Reseachers finds imbalance between energy emitted from Mars and seasonal energy

Here’s how greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced

Study suggests some strategies to cut methane emissions might not be effective

Research suggests soil from moon can generate fuel, oxygen

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Lifestyle View More

Study finds stress, anxiety, and depression during pregnancy can hinder cognitive development in offspring

Washington [US], May 18 (ANI): According to a new study at the Children’s National Hospital, increased stress, anxiety, and depression in pregnant women altered key features of the fetal brain which subsequently cause a decline in cognitive development…

Trip down memory lane: Things today’s kids may not know

Research shows children’s physical activity levels have fallen below guidelines after the pandemic

7 habits men should trash before turning 30

Maternal obesity increases risk of cardiovascular disease in offspring: Study

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Health View More

Research shows how brain changes during treatment of depression

Vancouver [Canada], May 18 (ANI): Researchers have shown what happens to the brain when treated for depression known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).The findings of the research were published in the ‘American Journal of Psychiat…

Heart Failure Awareness Month 2022: Take Control of Your Heart Failure with These Helpful Tips

Study finds breast cancer risk in males may be linked to male infertility

Research suggests that brain circuit in thalamus helps to hold information in mind

Study finds cervical cancer screening is less common in gender minorities

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Frequent-flyer programmes increase business travel cost: Study

Washington [US], May 6 (ANI): Airline frequent-flyer programs are a staple for air travel, particularly among frequent business travellers, but they also add to the cost of business travel for employers, suggests the findings of a new study.According t…

Travel industry welcomes Centre’s decision to reopen international flights

Ola faces backlash over its ‘8 missed calls from mom’ ad

Making self-driven vehicles human friendly: Study

Omicron leads to low-key Christmas celebrations around the world

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Technology View More

Vivo’s X80 series begins global rollout, check price and specs in India

New Delhi [India], May 18 (ANI): Vivo has begun a global rollout for the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro just a month after its debut in China. However, the two smartphones come without vegan leather and ceramic back options.Although the two handsets come with le…

Samsung to deliver customised chipset for Galaxy S series by 2025

OnePlus Nord 2T will be the first phone with the Dimensity 1300

Vivo’s S15, S15 Pro, TWS Air earbuds to launch on May 19

Sony launches WH-1000XM5 headphones

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Business View More

RBI raises repo rate by 40 basis points to 4.40 % with immediate effect

Mumbai, May 4 In a surprise move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Wednesday increased the policy repo rate by 40 basis points to 4.40 percent with immediate effect.…

RBI keeps repo, reverse repo rates unchanged for 11th time in row

COVID-related relief measures have sunset date: RBI Governor

GST revenues soar 18 % to Rs 1.33 lakh crore in February

Government to launch Ease of Doing Business 2.0

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