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December 4, 2023 8:29 am

Mohali Health Department to observe Eye Donation fortnight from August 25

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SAS Nagar, August 24

The district health department is observing 38th Eye donation Fortnight from 25th to 8th of September. Divulging the details, Civil Surgeon Dr Mahesh Kumar and Assistant Civil Surgeon Dr Renu Singh said that the main objective of this fortnight is to make people aware about the importance of eye donation. They said that people will be inspired to fill the pledge forms regarding eye donation during this fortnight. These forms are available in government health institutions across the district and any interested person can visit and fill the form.

Health officials said that eye donation is an act of welfare of humanity and everyone should pledge to donate eyes by filling the form so that after death the eyes can be removed and given to blind persons. They added that millions of people in India are suffering from blindness and most of them can see through donated eyes but sadly the number of eye donors in our country is very less. They appealed to the people to volunteer to donate their eyes to bring light to the visually impaired awaiting such help.

Facts about eye donation

1 . The eyes have to be removed within six hours of death. So the nearest eye bank or eye collection centre must be informed immediately irrespective of the initial pledging of eye donation.

2. Eye removal takes only 10-15 minutes and leaves no scar or disfigurement of the face

3. Only the cornea is transplanted for all practical purposes and not the entire eyeball. However, other parts of the eye are used for research and education purposes.

4. Eye donation gives sight to two blind persons. One blind person is given one eye.

5. The donated corneas are transplanted to the patient’s eye who are on the waiting list in accordance with the priority based on guidelines to avoid malpractices.

6. The eyes are never bought or sold. Eye donation is never refused.

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