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July 13, 2024 8:19 am

Maid shocks Kerala doc as she diathe doc couldgnosed his family members illness correctly before the doc could

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New Delhi, June 14

Cyriac Abby Philips, a renowned hepatologist based in Kerala, shared a humbling anecdote about his recent medical challenge. Despite his expertise, he encountered difficulty diagnosing a family member’s illness. Conventional medical tests yielded inconclusive results, leaving him perplexed.

In his candid reflection, Dr. Philips recounted the frustrating experience: “My adult family member exhibited persistent low-grade fever, accompanied by chills, profound fatigue, arthritis, and a peculiar rash. Despite conducting extensive tests, ranging from viral hepatitis to COVID-19, influenza, and dengue, we couldn’t pinpoint the cause.”

Continuing his quest for answers, Dr. Philips turned to medical literature and consultation. However, an unexpected source of insight emerged when his elderly maid shared her observations. “To my surprise, my maid mentioned recognizing a similar rash in her grandchildren, referring to it as ‘Anjaampani’ in the local dialect (known as the Fifth Disease). Subsequent testing for Parvovirus B19, based on her suggestion, returned positive,” Dr. Philips disclosed.

Reflecting on the episode, Dr. Philips acknowledged the valuable lesson learned: “Despite 17 years of medical education and access to vast medical resources, my maid’s swift diagnosis proved invaluable. It was a stark reminder of the importance of listening to diverse perspectives.”

The Fifth Disease, or erythema infectiosum, caused by human parvovirus B19, primarily affects children and spreads through respiratory droplets. Its hallmark symptom, the distinctive “slapped cheek” rash, can extend to other body parts, accompanied by various symptoms.

Responding to inquiries about consulting a general practitioner (GP), Dr. Philips emphasized the evolving nature of healthcare: “Today’s GPs may not always meet the traditional expectations. Many consultations involve addressing unnecessary medications prescribed by both GPs and specialists. In this instance, my maid’s diagnosis proved more efficient, saving time and avoiding unnecessary visits.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Philips garnered acclaim for his heroic intervention on an Akasa Air flight, where he saved a passenger’s life mid-air. Known for his commitment to evidence-based medicine, he continues to debunk myths surrounding alternative therapies through his research efforts.

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