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May 23, 2024 9:45 pm

Maan’s grand road show in Bathinde, people welcomed the CM with flowers and slogans of ‘Mann teri soch te pahera deyange thok ke’

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Chandigarh/Bathinda, May 8

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, on Tuesday, launched a severe attack on the Badal family while he was taking out a massive road show in the favour of AAP candidate Gurmeet Singh Khuddian. Mann said that it feels like there is one last thorn, pull this one out too. He asked the people to make sure that Harsimrat Badal’s security deposit is forfeited this time.

Mann said that these people were born with silver spoons in their mouths, they don’t know what poverty is, they don’t know the pain and suffering of the poor. They looted Punjab for decades, they sucked on the blood of Punjabis and built their Sukh Vilas in the mountains. On the other hand, we are like you, l am one of you, I can’t sleep at night if I’m away from you people for more than two days. He said that he comes from a common background, he comes from a village, he knows the worries of a common man. He wants to share and lessen those worries and sufferings.

Taking a dig at Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Mann said that it is her turn to lose now, the rest of her family has already tasted the defeat. He said that they looted Punjab, praised the three anti-farmers bills, but now at the time of election she is resorting to theatrics, a video of her shedding crocodile tears is on social media. Mann said that she should wait for a few weeks, she will actually have a reason to cry for. He said that she exchanges ‘chunni’ with the women, but she keeps her car trunk full of those dupattas, these are not her actual dupattas. He appealed to the people to get united against these looters and make 13-0 in favour of the AAP this time. He said that with 13 times more strength he will make Punjab ‘sone di chiri’ again.

Mann said that God has given him the duty of serving the people. I gave 43,000 government jobs, made electricity free. They shut down the Bathinda thermal plant for their benefit, but I bought the GVK thermal power plant to give free electricity to the people. He said that the people of Punjab have rage inside them against these people, but don’t worry. I’ve found the paper trail of Sukh Vilas and its land. Soon I will get it back for Punjab. We will open a government school there, it will be the first school where every classroom will have a pool with it.

Mann said that these people were thinking that Punjab is their ancestral estate. We have to completely free our state from them, and Bathinda is the last straw. He said that these politicians call common people like us ‘malang’ because they looted our state and became ‘rajwade’. Whatever they own is not their, it is the capital that they looted from the people of Punjab.

Mann said that journalists asked me how we stopped Modi in Delhi and Punjab. I say it is simple, Lotus blooms in mud, with ‘jharoo’ we clean that mud, so there are no Lotus in Delhi and Punjab. He said that last time their two MPs won but this time they will get a big fat zero in Punjab.

Mann said that he is a nobody, his whole strength comes from the love and support of the people. He said, I will take account of every single penny from them, I only need your support. He said that he is an honest leader, he has been CM for more than two years now and he didn’t even do a corruption of one rupee. Because he didn’t need money. He only needs the love and support of the people, the people are actual capital not money and property.

At the end of the road show, AAP’s Bathinda LS candidate Gurmeet Singh Khuddian thanked CM Mann and the people of Bathinda for joining the road show in large numbers. He said that the Mann government gave 43,000 government jobs, canal water to tail-ends, day time uninterrupted electricity to the farmers, built Aam Aadmi clinics and schools of eminence, closed toll plazas etc. He appealed to the people that it is the time to put the stamp of validation on these pro-Punjab and pro-people works and decisions of CM Mann.

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