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March 2, 2024 11:19 am

Kharge calls PM Modi “poisonous snake”, later clarifies

Kalaburagi, April 27

After calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “poisonous snake” during his election rally in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge clarified his statement saying that it wasn’t meant for PM Modi but directed at BJP’s ideology.

While addressing the election campaign, Kharge said, “PM Modi is like a ‘poisonous snake’, you might think it’s poison or not. If you lick it, you’re dead.” However, Kharge later clarified that what he wanted to say is BJP’s ideology is as dangerous as a snake and didn’t mean to make a personal attack against PM Modi.

Later, while talking to the media, Kharge clarified his earlier comment and said, “No no, I didn’t mean it to Modi, what I meant was BJP ideology is like a snake. I never said personally to Modi, what I said was their ideology is like a snake and if you try to touch it, your death will be certain.”

On April 24, Kharge slammed the BJP and alleged that some parties and leaders in the country were trying to mix politics and religion.

Kharge said, “Politics and religion should not be mixed. Some parties and leaders are trying to mix them these days. Different people in one community can like different parties. Individuals in one household can have different preferences. We should not tend to club them together. Such ideas are regressive and weaken our Democracy and Constitution. My advice to BJP leaders is to not play one community against another for the greed of votes.”

He added, “It is an important election for us not only from the viewpoint of the state but even for the country. Karnataka is generally regarded as a pro-development state and has progressive thoughts, and the Congress party brought several innovative development schemes here. In terms of administration, it was one of the few well-governed states in the country.”

He stated, “But now the type of governance in this state has changed.

The BJP Government failed in providing good governance, which they had promised. People have been left disappointed.”

He further stated, “For many years Karnataka, is known for conscientious voting. But now the BJP has made our state unpopular and infamous for the 40 percent commission Government. Everyone is aware of it.

The Contractors Association brought it to the notice of the PM, the President of India, the Governor, and the Lokayukta. They gave details of how the present state government was looting them. People are fed up with this exploitation.”

The 224-seat Assembly will go to polls on May 10 and the votes will be counted on May 13.



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