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April 17, 2024 12:09 pm

International Women’s Day: Powerful women leaders share insights on their inspiring journey

New Delhi, March 7

In this modern era of women empowerment, women are pursuing their aspirations and speaking up for themselves. Influential women are breaking societal standards to go further, accomplish more, and rewrite the rules. We are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting the extraordinary abilities of women for their creativity, resiliency, and strong-willed personalities that have created an impact on society at large. These strong viewpoints are being expressed by these strong, independent women, and it’s time for you to be inspired too.

Uzma Nawaz, Founder – Aaghaaz Welfare Foundation, New Delhi Uzma completed her post-graduate degree in psychology and started her career as a counseling psychologist. She has experience in providing counseling and therapy to people from different walks of life with emotional, behavioral, and emotional issues.

She worked in both hospital and community settings before starting AWF, a Delhi-based organization working in the fields of mental health and education. She believes, “if you love and enjoy your work, it doesn’t feel like work anymore.”

“You cannot achieve your goals without believing in your abilities, hard work, and a supportive family. I am proud of where I am in my journey. There will always be challenges and changes, and how you react to the situation matters. Remain positive and focused”, Uzma reflects upon her journey so far.

Saloni Goel, Founder & CEO – Glamwiz, New Delhi

As a woman founder, I have experienced both the exhilaration of creating something from my passion and the feeling of being undervalued and overlooked by people around me. But these obstacles have also taught me valuable lessons about resilience, as well as embracing the uncomfortable moments and never giving up. My advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs is to follow their passion and believe in themselves during hard times, even when all odds are against them. Listen to your peers and supporters, but do that feels right. And most importantly, strive to become financially independent to support yourself.

As women achievers, we have the power to inspire and empower others. So take your decision wisely and create a positive change in the world.

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