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December 4, 2023 9:26 am

Hot beverage spills, 10-year-old passenger sustains injuries on Delhi-Frankfurt Vistara flight

New Delhi, August 17

A ten-year-old passenger sustained burn injuries onboard Germany’s Frankfurt on August 11 after a hot beverage fell on her thighs.

The child was traveling with her parents. The incident happened when a flight attendant purportedly failed to secure the lid of the hot beverage.

According to victim’s family, the incident took place due to the negligence of crew member.

“One of the crew members on Flight UK25 slipped and spilled the hot chocolate drink on 10-year-old victim Tara, causing second-degree burns on her left thigh. A paramedic on board provided immediate first aid,” parents of the victim girl told ANI.

They further said that the girl was later taken to Sanaa Clinicum Offenbach where Dr Nawar Bunni administered 1 gram of morphine for pain and irritation.

The unfortunate incident was reported onboard Vistara flight UK25 flying from New Delhi to Frankfurt on August 11.

Vistara has confirmed the above incident and contradicted the parents’ version, saying it happened when the child was being “playful”.

“We confirm an unfortunate incident occurred onboard UK25 flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 11 August 2023, where a child sustained injuries due to spillage of hot beverage on the body. Our cabin crew had served hot chocolate to the child at the request of her parents, however, the beverage spilled on her since the child was playful during the service,” Vistara said in a statement.

“In line with the SOPs, our crew immediately provided first-aid as warranted for the spill, and sought support from a paramedic onboard, who volunteered to assist until the flight landed in Frankfurt,” the airline added.

The airline company provided medical care at Frankfurt Airport immediately after the flight landed and offered full reimbursement of medical expenses to the victim’s family.

“We have conveyed to the customer that all medical expenses arising from this incident will be reimbursed by us. We continue to discuss with the customer and provide any further assistance as required. We are also reviewing and refining our processes, wherever required, to ensure such situations are avoided in the future. As always, safety and comfort of our customers is of utmost importance to us,” Vistara Spokesperson said.

However, the victim’s family demanded an apology from the airline company and crew members.

“The hostess also made no effort to come and apologize for her mistake. They just ignored the whole incident. No one at the airport came forward to help with the baggage, get the rerouting done or assist with the hospital services. They also did not organize a stay for the duo in Frankfurt,” statement of the victim’s family.

Airlines company Vistara claimed that team members are constantly in touch with the victim’s family for assistance.

“Our teams have been in touch with the customer ever since. We have already facilitated their early return to India, arranged for ground transportation in Frankfurt, met them at the airport and extended extensive on-ground support,” Vistara said.

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