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May 26, 2024 12:17 pm

Homoeopathy – Booming Against all Odds

“The most inestimable treasures are: Impeccable Consciousness and Good Health. Love to God provide one; Homeopathy provides the other.”

Today marks the 269th Birth Anniversary of a true visionary, Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, who established a new system of medical treatment called Homoeopathy. In ancient times, medical treatments available were doing more harm than good which led Dr. Hahnemann to look for alternatives which provided rapid, gentle, and permanent cure to the sufferings of the patients. He proved the effects of drugs on healthy individuals which in turn provided a genuine set of symptoms the patients experienced, both in mental and physical plane.

In Homoeopathy, Case taking plays a vital role in curing the ailments of the patients. Thorough Case History is necessary to obtain the PIN of Health Card of the patient. Once this PIN is secured, there is no health condition which cannot be cured with Homoeopathic Medicines.

Once such case of Inclusion Body Myositis where there is severe muscle weakness with wasting away of muscles, most commonly in legs, hands, and feet affects older age group and with no respond to therapy came to my Clinic on wheelchair, dejected from doctors across the world and was given life expectancy of not more than 5 years. Upon taking the history of the patient, from his childhood till now, there was a prolonged mental setback phase in his childhood which left a strong impact on him mentally and emotionally that eventually could have become the reason of his condition. After thoroughly discussing about the instance and what emotions he felt and had been feeling since then, I was able to analyse the case. After concluding, a single dose of Well Selected and Highly Indicated Homoeopathic Medicine was prescribed to him. It was astonishing to know that just after two three days of the dose, he could stand on his feet and climbed up the stairs on his own. Within a couple of months, the patient was back on his feet, comfortably walking and driving his vehicle, and now living a Happy Independent life with his family in Canada, long crossed his 5-year life expectancy as were told by his Physicians who were amongst the topmost Neurologists in Canada and USA. Few hours before the patient came to me, he was also examined by the most renowned Neurologist of the best Private Hospital in Tricity and was given the same opinion.

Another such case of a young dynamic lady in her late twenties visited my OPD with diagnosis of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis, where in the immune system attacks the protective sheath covering the nerve fibres, causing communication problems between the brain and rest of the body, again termed as incurable by Conventional Mode of treatment. Three years down the line with Well Selected and Highly Indicated Homoeopathic Medicine, her condition was ruled out as progressive or degenerative by one of the National Authorities on Multiple Sclerosis in Capital of India, Delhi.

Now comes the question, how could these Sweet Micro Pills could cure such deep seated incurable neurological disorders.  Both the patients are living happily and authentic documentary as well as digital evidence are in my record. There are a lot of controversies regarding homoeopathic treatment and many considers it to be a placebo effect but both these diseases involved advanced pathologies, there was nothing hypothetical about it.

Sceptics argue that the mechanisms behind homeopathy remain unexplained. However, I view this uncertainty as the catalyst for new perspectives and advancements in medical science. When there is an effect that defies explanation within the current scientific framework, it exposes the limitations of our existing understanding. While we observe the healing capabilities of homeopathy, we still lack a comprehensive understanding of the cause-and-effect relationship between disease and its homeopathic treatment. Despite this, the consistent efficacy of homeopathy prompts us to delve deeper into uncovering its underlying mechanisms. The fact that homeopathy provides lasting cures suggests that the roots of disease, addressed by homeopathy, may lie deeper and more subtly within our genetic makeup. Consequently, conventional medicine appears outdated, focusing primarily on superficial organ pathologies, while homeopathy endeavours to explore correlations at the level of epigenetics, which holds promise for the future of medical practice.

A sincere plea is extended to the sceptics to not debate but to delve deeper into the research to understand the modus operandi of Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy is the fundamental truth of Modern World and merits acceptance rather than criticism.

Dr. Hahnemann studied Medicine at Leipzig and Vienna and took his degree of MD at Erlangen. He was not satisfied with the medicine practiced at his time which compelled him to leave medicine and started translating books where he stumbled upon the fact that the symptoms produced by quinine on the healthy body were similar to those of the disordered states that quinine was used to cure. This pivotal observation formed the basis of his theory that “likes are cured by likes,” “similia similibus curantur.” And that is when this became the basic principle for an approach to medicine which he termed as ‘Homoeopathy.’


Dr. B S Chandhok (MD, HOM)

Senior Homoeopathic Consultant

National Advisor of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians

Certified this article is a virgin article written by the author and not been copied and the cases mentioned are authentic and well documented with the author.

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