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June 21, 2024 7:58 am

Haryana Governor releases book River Saraswati and Aryans

P S Walia
Chandigarh November 3

Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya today launched the book ” River Saraswati and the Aryans ” authored by former Punjab DGP P. Lal, in a simple ceremony held at Raj Bhawan .

The book deals with  the vexed issues of ancient Indian history including the antiquity of the Vedic culture and the existence of river Saraswati in the remote past which has been described as a mighty ,physical ,flowing river in the Rig Veda but which does not flow now. The author has concluded that Vedic culture is 6,000- 7,000 BCE old. Further ,  that the channels of the present day monsoon fed Ghaggar- Hakra carried the waters of the ancient Saraswati. The author has eugolised the efforts of the Haryana and Himachal Pradesh  governments  to recharge the channels by constructing a dam at Adi Badri.

The author has quoted  scientific studies combined with  linguistic, archeological , textual ,astronomical and genetics evidence in support of his findings and traced the history of population movements starting from Africa thousands of years ago. He argues that there has been no Aryan migration into the Indian subcontinent from outside, that the Vedic culture which was rural and Harappan culture which was urban were complementary to each other , and the former which existed from much before the latter , survived being more resilient whereas the Harappan civilisation vanished due to natural disasters. He has also tried to show the connection between the Rigvedic Saraswati and the invisible Saraswati at the Triveni at Prayagraj, and how the Saraswati came to be deified as the Goddess of Learning.

The book has comments by eminent people such as Gurbachan Jagat,  former governor Manipur; Tankeshwar Kumar, Vice Chancellor , Central University of Haryana, Mahendragarh; Dr RK Kohli , Vice Chancellor , Amity University Punjab ,Mohali; Binod Kumar , former Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration , Mussoorie; Professor ( Retd) Ashvini Agrawal , former head of Ancient Indian History , Culture & Archaeology department of Panjab University , and JS Bawa, former director, central bureau of investigation. Forewords have been written by KN Pathak, former Vice Chancellor Panjab University and Saroj Bala , retired IRS officer and  former member Central Board of Direct Taxes who had also  worked as  Director, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas.
This is Lal’s fifth book.
Last year, he came out with a book titled ” Gift of Life” which was released on 30 October 2021 by Shri Banwarilal Purohit , the present Governor of Punjab . Incidentally, 30 Oct is Lal’s birthday also .He completed 76 years this October . The book dealt with intricate questions of life and death , including the afterlife , recounting  well proven cases of re-births in all parts of the world covering various religions . He also  dealt with the seven levels of consciousness including the dream state, and related stories of some of the major scientific discoveries which came as a vision during dream state. Structure of Benzene molecule is one such revelation which is said to have been dreamt by German chemist August Kekulé .
Lal’s other three books – From the Pen of a Cop, SAMM ( Stories,Anecdotes and Motivational Messages), and Let’s Laugh & Laugh Hahaha…were released in September 2020 byMr VP Singh Badnore , the then Governor , Punjab.
Lal has contributed around 120 articles to various newspaper including The Tribune, Hindustan Times and Daily World.

The ceremony at Haryana Raj Bhawan  was also attended by his wife Geeta Lal and daughter Purnima Lal

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