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December 4, 2023 8:26 am

‘G20 now at centre of global governance’: G20 Research Group

New Delhi, September 10

The recently concluded G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi has garnered widespread acclaim from global experts, with John Kirton, the Director of the G20 Research Group, hailing it as a “significant step forward in global governance.”

Kirton’s remarks come as the international community reflects on the summit’s outcomes and implications for global diplomacy and cooperation.

In an analysis of the New Delhi Declaration, Kirton emphasized that the G-20, representing the world’s major economies, has taken on a pivotal role in shaping global governance. The declaration’s breadth of coverage, spanning a wide spectrum of global issues, demonstrates the G20’s growing influence and capacity to address multifaceted challenges.

John Kirton said, “I think it is a significant step forward in global governance. It shows that the G 20 is now at the centre of global governance and put across a broader spectrum of issues than ever before and above all it can do that without the leaders of both Russia and China”.

One of the most notable aspects of the New Delhi summit was the absence of leaders from Russia and China, a development that has prompted discussions about the evolving dynamics of global leadership.

According to Kirton, this absence did not detract from the G20’s effectiveness; instead, it showcased the organization’s adaptability and its ability to operate without key players traditionally seen as central to global leadership.

Furthermore, Kirton underscored the role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, asserting that he emerged as a prominent figure at the summit.

He suggested that this signals a shift in leadership dynamics, highlighting Prime Minister Modi as a leader of the “global south,” a distinction that sets him apart from established powers like China and Russia.

“Prime Minister Modi emerged as the leader of this summit and I think it is showing that he is really the leader of the global south, rather than those older countries that long claimed that mantle”, said Kirton.

The New Delhi summit’s significance extends beyond its outcomes, serving as a testament to the G20’s capacity to shape the global agenda and address pressing issues.

The declaration’s comprehensive scope and India’s prominent role have solidified the G20’s central position in contemporary global governance.

As the world continues to grapple with complex challenges ranging from climate change to economic recovery, the G20’s influence and ability to foster cooperation among diverse nations becomes increasingly vital.

The New Delhi summit’s success and the recognition it has garnered from experts like John Kirton reaffirm the G20’s pivotal role in shaping the course of global affairs.

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