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June 23, 2024 1:12 pm

From owner of assets worth Rs 2 to hundreds of crore India’s democracy welcomes all to fight polls

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Chandigarh, May 18

In Lok Sabha polls 2024 we can see it all. From some jobless Independents and candidates from smaller parties, whose assets range from Rs 2 to a few thousand, are making a point by campaigning on foot or on two-wheelers during the elections, while candidates with multi-crore assets are flying in helicopters to canvass and visiting voters in cavalcades.

But the various hues and colours of the proud Indian nation are opulently visible to one and these candidates from to opposing ends of the spectrum are an example of a healthy democracy where all are allowed to participate — rich and poor.

With “assets” worth just Rs 2, Master Randhir Singh (60) of the Rohtak constituency is the poorest of all! One rupee is with him, and another is in his bank account. He possesses no immovable property. Despite having an MA and BEd degree, he has never held a steady job. He declared, “I hold a below poverty line (BPL) card.”

He has been walking the campaign trail. “I am only asking my Sansi community members to vote for me. They’re giving my campaign donations. They are offering 50, 100, or 500 rupees. They’ve even published my pamphlets,” he said, adding that he was given a landline phone to use as a poll symbol.
Ashwani (40), an unemployed person from the Sonepat constituency, owns assets valued at Rs 5,319, according to an Association for Democratic Reforms report. His degree in chemistry is an MSc. He stated that he does not own any real estate.

31-year-old Independent candidate Bhiwani-Mahendragarh from Hemant is contesting with assets worth Rs 26,000. He has Rs 25,000 cash in hand and Rs 1,000 in account. He runs a sewing centre and has no immovable assets.

“I had taken a Rs 1.5 lakh loan for campaigning,” he said. Hemant, who campaigns on a motorcycle, has a team to help him. “I want to serve the society, that is why I am contesting. I have been doing social work in my area,” he said.

Sonepat native Naresh Kashyap is running on the Aam Aadmi Parivartan Party ticket. He has no immovable assets and his assets are valued at Rs 26,023 total. The 54-year-old Osmania University graduate is unemployed.
“I rely on other people.” I’m driving a friend’s car. I walk on foot sometimes,” he remarked.
“I am running for the Backward Class. He declared, “Mainstream parties want our vote, but they don’t give us representation.”

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