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February 29, 2024 2:32 pm

Electrical Association Jalandhar extends support to Aam Aadmi Party

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Jalandhar, April 19

Hundreds of traders and businessmen participated in the program organized by the Electrical Association Jalandhar and have announced to support the Aam Aadmi Party in the upcoming by-election.

In this meeting, AAP Punjab General Secretary Harchand Singh Barsat, Aam Aadmi Party candidate for Lok Sabha seat Jalandhar Sushil Kumar Rinku, MLA Raman Arora, Inderbans Singh Chadha, Atam Prakash Bablu, Suresh Gupta and Sanjay Kochhar participated.

‘AAP’ Punjab General Secretary Harchand Singh Barsat said in his address that the business class is a class that works hard day and night to support their family, while they also pay taxes to the government. He said that the businesses and traders are the backbone of the economy who contribute to the development of a state and in nation building too. The system cannot function without their support. He said that after Arvind Kejriwal stopped the raids by the tax department on the demand of all the traders in Delhi, the tax collection from the businessmen in Delhi has doubled. The AAP government trusts its businessmen, understands that they are the backbone of the economy and has always taken the decisions in the interest of the businessmen.

AAP leader added that in the last eight years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has misled the people of the country, because he was focused on a few capitalist friends of his. Big capitalists means small businessmen in loss. Barsat further said that the Prime Minister had initially said that he would bring back black money from foreign banks and deposit fifteen lac rupees in the account of every citizen. He said that no black money was brought back but the capitalists of the country fled abroad with crores of rupees of the people and till date no solid action has been taken against them  Instead of using people’s tax money to benefit the citizens of the country, the central government waived the loans of Adani.

Harchand Singh Barsat said, after the formation of the AAP government in Delhi and Punjab, people’s faith in the policies of the AAP. We are leading a revolution to change the system of our country and will make India corruption free. In this program conducted here in Jalandhar, the present businessmen promised to vote in favor of ‘AAP’ candidate Rinku and to make him win by a huge margin.

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