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June 16, 2024 8:35 pm

CM Bhagwant Mann recites Kikkli-2 in Bathinda – Kikkli Kaleer Di Buri Halat Sukhbir Di

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Bathinda /Chandigarh, May 21

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Tuesday campaigned for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate Gurmeet Singh Khuddian from Bathinda. Addressing a huge public meeting in Bathinda, Bhagwant Mann attacked Sukhbir Badal in a poetic manner by reciting the second part of his infamous Kikkli (Kind of folk song in Punjab).

During his speech, Bhagwant Mann attacked Shiromani Akali Dal Badal and the Badal family and said that this time the Badal family will be wiped out from Bathinda as well.  He said that after Lambi, now AAP candidate Gurmeet Khuddian will pull out the last nail of the Badal family in Bathinda.

Mann said that the Badal family looted Punjab like the British and Mughals. The British and Mughals had come to loot the country, so that doesn’t disheartens so much, but the Badal family looted Punjab in the name of service and religion, so people of Punjab will never forgive them. Mann said that in this election, the political career of the Badal family is going to end. Now they will only be found in the pages of history.

Second part of Kikkli

Kikkli kaleer di buri halat Sukhbir di
Samajh kujh ave na
Vote koi theyave na
Makkhi udde na pinde ton
Seat fas gyi Bathinde ton
Kikkli kaleer di buri halat Sukhbir di
Kamm kite Bhagwant ne
Sadi party da ant ne
Bharishtacharian nu koi dhill ni
Bijli da koi bill ni
Kassia ch pani ae
Naukarian den wali lammi kahani ae
Lok odon sanu chahunde c
Jinna chir vadde Badal sahb jeonde c
Ohto baad na samjhi na sochi ae
Akali dal di fatti fer jije-sale ne pochi ae
Mera sukki jave khoon ve
Naale uddi jaye sakoon ve
Jyun jyun nede ayi jave vota vali 1 june ve
Asi badi mauj lutti ae
Ghuggi chhittar nal kutti ae
Hun jad sadi Mann ne putti ae
Le rajniti vicho aitki Badal parivar di chhutti ae

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