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February 25, 2024 10:28 am

Chandigarh’s young ethical hacker Harinder honored by Singapore government

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Chandigarh, May 16

Some ethical hackers are making a lot of money and this industry is growing rapidly. Most of the people doing this type of bug hunting are young “, said Harinder, who recently pointed out a critical bug from the Singapore government’s website, in return for which the Singapore government awarded him the country’s highest honor *C01N* badge. Harinder helped more than 200 companies, including Google, BMW, Porsche, etc., including the Singapore government website by finding bugs .
Harinder said that according to industry estimates, two-thirds of hackers are in the age group of 18 to 29 years. Big companies give huge prize money to these people for telling any flaw. They find web code flaws before any cyber criminal can. Harinder himself, along with a full-time cyber security job in a multinational company, keeps looking for flaws or critical bugs in the world’s top companies.
It is very difficult to find bugs that were not detected before. That’s why they get thousands of dollars for this work. In a way, this is a big incentive for ethical hackers.
Talking about Harinder, he had a lot of interest in hacking since school time and used to find flaws in the website day and night, although he has also taken formal training for it, but if someone wants to come in the profession of hacker, then passion is very important. Is .

About Harinder:

Achievement- Ethically Hacked 200+ Companies, including Google, Flipkart , Blackberry, BMW, UN and many more. Also secured Dutch Government, Judiciary and municipality for which was rewarded special swag. Was also listed in NCIIPC top 15 Hackers in Indian Sep 2021. Currently ranked top 10 Hackers in India on Hackerone 2023

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