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July 13, 2024 7:49 am

BJP is conspiring to end mandi system in Punjab, so they are not releasing pending 7,000 crores of Punjab’s RDF: AAP

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Chandigarh, June 18

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab vehemently attacked the BJP government at the centre for withholding Punjab’s Rural Development Fund (RDF) and said that they are conspiring to end the mandi system in Punjab in an indirect manner now. That’s why they are not releasing the pending funds of 7,000 crores of RDF.

Addressing a press conference from the party office in Chandigarh on Tuesday, AAP MLA (Ropar) Dinesh Chadha said that the link roads in rural areas of Punjab are not being repaired. Chadha said that the money of RDF is used to repair roads in rural areas and to develop mandis in Punjab. The central government is withholding 7,000 crores of Rural Development Fund and they are doing so under a conspiracy.

AAP leader explained that earlier BJP tried to implement three black laws to end the government Mandi system in Punjab. Three farm laws were opposed all over India but the farmers of Punjab led that protest and forced Narendra Modi to repeal those laws. But even today the intention of BJP is the same, to finish the government Mandi system in Punjab, that is why they are not releasing RDF and MDF to Punjab. Their intention is to abolish government mandi system, Punjab mandi board and to stop development of the rural areas of Punjab. The BJP was forced to bow down to the farmers of our country but they are still working to benefit their capitalist friends.

Dinesh Chadha said that the Punjab Mandi Board maintains 66,000 kilometers of roads in rural areas. But because of RDF money stoppage these roads are not being repaired or constructed and mandis are not being developed either. Chadha said that this is BJP’s plan to abolish the mandi system and give everything to their capitalist friends.

The AAP MLA also questioned the silence of the BJP Punjab President Sunil Jakhar and said that he claims to be the son of a farmer and Punjab, but he never raises his voice in favour of Punjab and its farmers. Chadha further said that Ravneet Bittu who has been made a minister in the BJP government should also raise the issue of RDF with his government.

He said that the mandis of Punjab are being destroyed through an indirect approach now. This is the time for Sunil Jakhar and Ravneet Bittu to raise their voice against the dictatorship of the BJP. AAP leader also appealed to all the Lok Sabha members elected from Punjab that big threat is looming over Punjab, a conspiracy is being hatched to destroy the government Mandi system and Mandi Board of Punjab, so they should raise this issue in the parliament too.

He said that it is the responsibility of all the Lok Sabha members to go to the center and fight for the rights of Punjab and fight against the dictatorial government at centre. You have to decide now whether to stand with the BJP’s dictatorial anti-farmer policy or stand with Punjab.

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