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June 23, 2024 12:33 am

Bhagwant Mann campaigned for AAP candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu in Jalandhar, huge crowds gathered in his road shows

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Jalandhar/Chandigarh, May 24

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on Thursday campaigned for the party’s (AAP) candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu in Jalandhar. Mann took out a huge roadshow with Pawan Tinu and AAP leaders in several assembly constituencies Phillaur, Nakodar, Jalandhar Cantt and Adampur falling under Jalandhar Lok Sabha and appealed to the people to make the AAP candidate win by a huge margin.

During the roadshow in Nakodar, Mann addressed the people and promised that you should trust me and make Pawan Tinu an MP, your work will be my responsibility and I guarantee to fulfill it. He said that Pawan Tinu comes from an ordinary family. In Parliament, he will raise voice for the common people and will get your funds from the Central Government.

Chief Minister Mann, while recounting his work of two years, said that we have given government jobs to 43 thousand youth of Punjab without any discrimination. In one village, 40 people got government jobs. He said that for the convenience of the common people, I made electricity free and arranged for sufficient electricity for the farmers without any power cuts during the day, so that their time and energy is not wasted. At the same time, for the first time in the history of the country, our government bought a private thermal power plant. This will increase the production of electricity significantly and electricity will also be cheaper. He said that after winning this election on June 4, I will fix the sewerage system and parking system of all the cities of Punjab.

He said that I am working for the development of Punjab with full honesty and transparency. I have not come into politics to earn money. I do not want to have shares in buses, business, dhabas and hotels. I only want to share the pain and sorrow of three crore Punjabis.

While addressing the people in Phillaur, Mann attacked the opposition parties and said that the governments of Akali Dal, BJP and Congress have looted Punjab’s three generations and built big palaces in the mountains for themselves. These people never cared about the people of Punjab, they only promoted their own families and agendas.

He attacked Sukhbir Badal and said that Sukh Vilas Hotel is built with the blood and sweat of the people of Punjab. There is a pool with every room of that hotel. He said that we will take Sukh Vilas under the control of the Punjab government and convert it into a school. It will be the first school with pools in every room. Attacking the Badal family, Mann said that just like they ruined Punjab, in the same way their party and family are getting ruined.

In Jalandhar Cantt, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann launched a scathing attack on MP Sushil Rinku who left the Aam Aadmi Party and joined the BJP. He said that the Aam Aadmi Party made him an MP and gave him recognition at the national level but he betrayed the party. He said that he is a man without a stand. Such people cannot belong to anyone. The people of Jalandhar will exact the price of his betrayal from him.

In Adampur, Mann attacked BJP and said that the BJP is trying to destroy the democracy and constitution of the country.  If they win this time, the country’s constitution and electoral system will be destroyed. Appealing to the people to support the Aam Aadmi Party, he said that one path leads to development, good education, good medical care and better government facilities, while the other path leads to arrogance, dictatorship and the end of the constitution, it is up to you to decide who is better and whom to elect. CM Mann in Adampur said Just like bridge contractor, Channi will also flee, the piles of cash recovered from his nephew was the money of the poor for their welfare schemes

AAP candidate Pawan Tinu appeals – Give me a chance once, I will raise the voice of the common people in the Parliament and will be your dedicated servant for five years

While addressing the people, AAP candidate Pawan Kumar Tinu thanked the people of Jalandhar, Aam Aadmi Party workers and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. He said that give me a chance once. I will raise the voice of the common people in the Parliament and will serve you with hard work and honesty for five years. He said that whenever you need me, I will be there for you.

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