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December 8, 2023 5:00 am

Baffled by their crushing defeat, Congress leaders using defamation as tool against those working for public welfare, says CM

The Fact News Service
Mansa, October 20

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann today said that baffled by their crushing defeat in the state assembly polls, held early this year, Congress leaders are now using defamation as a tool against those working tirelessly for public welfare and progress of state.

Interacting with the media here after appearing before a local court, the Chief Minister said that the leaders who had themselves betrayed the mandate of people by becoming turncoats for their vested personal interests are now filing defamation cases against us. He said that in reality these people are varying of the growing popularity of the state government in wake of its pro-people decision. Bhagwant Mann said these cases are being filed as a grudge against thumping verdict in favour of his party, which is working tirelessly for the well-being of people.

The Chief Minister said that such cases will not deter him for taking several decisions for the well-being of Punjab and its people. Bhagwant Mann said that he is ready to face any such cases for the sake of Punjab. He said that it is ironic that those people who have ruined the country for long are now using defamation as a tool against those who are working for well being of people.

The Chief Minister questioned why defamation cases are not filed against those who have looted the country for several decades. Similarly, he said that why such cases are not being filed against those people who label true patriots as terrorists. Bhagwant Mann said that how those leaders who are working tirelessly for transforming the lives of people by mitigating the sufferings of people can be terrorists adding that unfortunately no defamation takes place against miscreants indulging in such mudslinging.

The Chief Minister said that he will appear before court whenever summons is issued against him. Bhagwant Mann said that he has full faith in the judicial system of the country. He said that the courts are highly respectable and they will adhere to every decision of the court.

Slamming the Congress party, the Chief Minister said that these leaders have mercilessly plundered the wealth of the state. He said that after looting the public wealth now these leaders are joining the BJP in hope of safe haven, from clutches of law, for their misdeeds. However, he said that the people of state will never forgive these leaders for their sins.

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