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March 27, 2023 8:54 am

As Kashmir awaits winters, govt with ‘greenhouse sheds’ scheme gears up to help farmers

Srinagar, October 29

As Kashmir awaits winters, the central government with the help of the horticulture department is taking several initiatives to overcome the shortage of vegetables and fruits during the season.

The horticulture department has improved the distribution, installation of greenhouse shed schemes and distribution of vegetable saplings among the growers, reported media outlet Good Morning Kashmir.

The greenhouse sheds help farmers create a climate for plants which is useful for transitional weeks from one season to the next when the weather can be unpredictable. As the winter season awaits, the valley is set to witness weather fluctuations or changes in temperature which can put the delicate nature of growing plants off balance and can threaten their survival.

Amid this, the horticulture department plays an all-important role as they hold awareness programs during the sessional cultivation of vegetable and fruit varieties in the valley. The point is a lot of farmers do not have the experience and need help with setting up their own small greenhouse sheds.

Farmers play a crucial role to boost the economy of the country as they feed the nation by burning the midnight oil. Keeping this in mind, the farmer class is appreciated and has been brought under beneficial schemes.

These schemes provide formers with highly advanced equipment, carriages, sprayers, and fertilizers of good quality so the yielding capacity increases. Several years ago, the Horticulture department has introduced a scheme.

As per the scheme, the department helps desirous farmers with the installation of miniature greenhouses. It provides the farmers with an amount of 10,000 (ten thousand) as a subsidy. The beneficiary credits an amount of Rs 21,000 into the account of the horticulture department.

Once the installation of the greenhouse shed is completed Rs 10,000 credited into the account of the beneficiary. Greenhouses are widely used throughout the world for the sapling of vegetables and for gardening purposes. In large flowering gardens, greenhouse sheds are very useful and benefited the beneficiaries on a large scale, reported Good Morning Kashmir.

However, it would be even more advantageous if the department provide expert and trained staff to the beneficiary and provide proper counseling to the farmers so they can reap the maximum benefit of the scheme.

Rich nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, etc, and vegetables are a priority for the administration so that people do not suffer from different nutrient deficiency diseases. Pulses and dried vegetables are also used in winter but during the studies, it has been found that dried vegetables are not good for health and there are chances of getting ill by consuming them, and also contain infections.

A greenhouse is a building with glass walls and a glass and a glass roof used to grow plants, such as tomatoes, coriander, table radish, and typical flowers. A greenhouse keeps the inside warm during winters as greenhouse gases like co 2 (carbon dioxide), nitrous oxide, and methane (ch 4 ) trap the reflected sunlight and warm the greenhouse shed inside, reported Good Morning Kashmir.



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