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June 20, 2024 4:50 am

Arvind Kejriwal pitches for a corruption & fear free government in Gujarat, announces 5 anti-corruption guarantees for the state

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Gujarat, September 13

The Aam Aadmi Party has made its mark in Gujarat by bringing in its unique form of politics to the state. The party has rapidly expanded its bases while campaigning in the state and has been widely successful in spreading its message through the ‘Kejriwal Ni Guarantee’ initiative. In this spirit, AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal touched upon the issue of rampant corruption in Gujarat on Tuesday. For long Gujarat has witnessed its entire administration be plagued by corruption besides governance in complete disarray. Rising up to the occasion, Shri Arvind Kejriwal laid down his five guarantees to comprehensively solve the issue and provide much needed relief to the citizens of Gujarat. He vowed to bring to justice all those who have misused their power to misappropriate taxpayers’ money in Gujarat and deprived the state and the citizens of progress they deserve.

Arvind Kejriwal said, “If any of our CMs, Ministers, MLAs & officers indulge in corruption, they’ll be put behind the bars right away; we caught our minister doing the wrong in Punjab and sent him to jail immediately. In the last 75 years, not a single party has dared to send its own minister to jail in India. The common man of Gujarat can’t get anything done without paying bribes; be it the lower level or the government itself, both have met serious allegations of corruption. Every penny earned by the government will be spent on the people of Gujarat; we won’t let the taxpayer’s money end up in the Swiss Bank or spend it on pleasing the super-rich. Just like Delhi, government officers will come to your homes to do your work, no one in Gujarat will need to visit a government office or pay bribes to anyone. Gujarat’s ministers & politicians are running illicit businesses in connivance with powerful people; AAP will bring an end to all of it. The AAP Government will order an investigation into all cases of paper leaks in the last 10 years and nab the mastermind once and for all. We will probe all scams that are taking place under these people; we will recover every dime and send the culprits to jail. With the money we recover from these scamsters we will build schools, hospitals & roads, and give electricity-water to the people of Gujarat.”

Only two months are left in Gujarat elections now; AAP is destined to come to power by ousting the BJP: Arvind Kejriwal

AAP National Convenor and Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Everyone I met during my tour of Gujarat, be it traders, lawyers or farmers, have complained about rampant corruption in Gujarat. No work in the government offices gets processed without bribery. The entire system is rotting, from top to bottom. From a small worker to the top notch officials, everyone has been mired with serious corruption allegations. If someone raises a voice against them, it takes no time for these people to threaten the people. They threaten the traders and industrialists with bogus raids and to shut down their business. There is so much hooliganism and corruption in Gujarat.”

He added, “The AAP guarantees that if we come to power, we will give corruption-free and fear-free administration to the people of Gujarat. There are five points in the much-needed guarantee. Firstly, we will not let our CM, our ministers, MP and MLAs of any party or the officers indulge in corruption. They will not dare to misuse their powers. If someone commits a scam, they will be straightaway sent to prison, be it if they are one of our own. We have already done this in Punjab. Never in the 75 years of independence has a government sent its own minister to prison because he was found to be asking for bribes from someone. We will ensure that every single penny of tax collected from the people will be sent on them. No one will be able to gobble any money. These people have misappropriated taxpayers’ money and deposited it into Swiss Banks. They have distributed the money among their billionaire friends. This will be stopped. The entire money will be spent on 6 crore people of Gujarat. We also guarantee that each and every work of the citizens of Gujarat which needs to be done by any government office will be done without any bribery. No one needs to pay any bribe to any department or officer.”

He continued, “In fact, you need not go to a government office in the first place. We will create a system through which the government workers will come to your doorstep and get the work done. This will eliminate the malpractice of bribery or involvement of middlemen. We have already achieved this in Delhi and Punjab. We have started ‘doorstep delivery of services’ in Delhi under which we have issued a phone number 1076. Citizens can give a phone call on this number and tell the type of service they want, be it getting a ration card or getting water communication. Citizens also tell the time of their choice when they will be available to receive the service of the government workers. We will implement the same system in Gujarat.”

The AAP National Convenor said, “Thirdly, we will put an end to all the illicit trade run by the Ministers, politicians or officers in Gujarat. Spurious liquor is being sold In Gujarat. Who has patronized this trade? It is the people who are in power. Drugs are also being imported into Gujarat in huge quantities and they also have the protection of people in power. Fourthly, we will curb the problem of exam papers getting leaked. So many papers have been leaked in the past 10 years and yet, these people have already closed the matters. We will reopen those matters. All the masterminds behind this malpractice, even if they are in the government or they belong to any political party, will be imprisoned. No one will be spared.”

He concluded, “Fifth, whenever I come to Gujarat, people give me information about a fresh case of scam each time. Every single day, a new scam gets unearthed. We will investigate all the scams and recover all the money. It was taxpayers’ hard-earned money. We will spend that money to build schools, hospitals, roads and to provide you with electricity and water. Gujarat will have an administration which is free of fear. No one needs to be scared anymore. BJP’s days in power are over. Elections are due in two months. ‘BJP jaa rahi hai, AAP aa rahi hai’.”

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