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June 1, 2023 10:45 am

Aftab Poonawalla’s family fled to unknown location because they had an idea of son’s activities: Police

Mumbai, November 16

The family of Aftab Amin Poonawalla, an accused in the Shraddha Walker murder case, has fled to an unknown location and are now untraceable, Manikpur police (Palghar) said on Wednesday.

According to the police, Aftab’s family shifted to an unknown location without informing the police.

When the Manikpur police took Aftab’s statement after calling him to Vasai, Aftab’s family shifted to an unknown place. Aftab’s family is not in contact with Manikpur police either,” the police told ANI.

The victim in the case, Shraddha Walker’s family had registered a missing complaint about her in PS Manikpur. Later, Aftab was called for questioning twice.

Aftab stated that he and Shraddha don’t stay together anymore,” the sources said.

The police sources said that the family shifted without the knowledge of the police because they had an idea of the son’s activities.

“That’s why they shifted in haste without informing the police. Aftab also came home at the time of shifting. Aftab collected some of his belongings from the house. The family shifted only after the first summons issued by the Manikpur police,” the sources said.

The police had called Aftab for the second time on November 3, when the case came to light. The police officers from Manikpur Police station went to Delhi on November 8 in relation to the case.

On October 26, Manikpur police took Aftab’s statement for the first time, however, it was an oral one in which he only talked about Shraddha’s leaving after a quarrel.

While his written statement was taken on November 3, the police, during this summon had presented the paper documents, bank account details, and mobile phone location before the accused, to which he had no answer, according to the sources.

Aftab’s lie was exposed due to the online transactions that he did from Shraddha’s account to his own. He told the police that he knew Shraddha’s mobile phone password because of this he was able to transfer the amount of Rs 54,000.

According to the police, Aftab also used Shraddha’s ATM and credit card even after committing the crime.

Meanwhile, the accused in the horrific Shraddha Walker murder case, Aftab Amin Poonawalla who was arrested recently had attempted to dupe the police of Delhi and Maharashtra in the initial days of the investigation.

Aftab had tried to hide the murder of Shraddha by removing any physical evidence, however, he had left the digital evidence that the police traced to reach the truth of the case.

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