Zucchini comes to Punjab, renamed as ‘jugni’

The Fact News Service

November 21

A Twitter user who found that a zucchini had been renamed in a Ludhiana supermarket ended up sparking a lot of reactions on social media.

As per social media, Twitter user @DrAmankashyap found the renamed vegetable on a supermarket shelf. He found that while the sticker on the vegetable spelt it right, the sticker on the shelf identified it as ‘jugni’.

“When Zucchini Comes to Punjab,” he wrote in a tweet. “The Punjabi dialect didn’t even spare poor Zucchini once it’s been to Ludhiana.”

Soon, it caught the attention of others on the platform. Some pointed out that ‘jugni’ in Punjabi actually means a female firefly. However, many defended the spelling, pointing out that Indian names also get spelt in unusual ways abroad.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)