Zaeden releases ‘KTMBK’ along with a heartwarming video

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, April 2
After releasing back-to-back hits like kya karoon?, dooriyan.., intezaar, and kho gaya, singer-songwriter Zaeden has put out yet another beautiful track, ‘KTMBK’ (Kahun Toh Me Bhi Kya) featuring Hanita Bhambri. The song has received a glorious response from his fans and the music industry, alike. Sharing about how he planned to come up with this Hindi-pop earworm, Zaeden said, “In all honesty, ‘KTMBK’ is a song I had created around the same time I wrote my debut project, ‘tere bina’ that was released in 2019. I wrote the music video script while I was making the song, and I could visualize the video from the get-go. It is dedicated to my grandfather who passed away a few years back and my grandmother who passed away when I was only two years old. I wanted the focus to be on the story around the couple and not me. Simplicity is the core of a project like ‘KTMBK’ and I couldn’t be happier with the way it was executed!” Zaeden wrote the song around three years back but it took him a while to release it. He felt something’s missing as was looking for a female voice that fits into the song and according to him, all his efforts were futile until he got in touch with Hanita. She sent a demo to him and Zaeden instantly realized that her voice completed the song. Coming to the credits, KTMBK’s lyrics are penned by Kunaal Vermaa, Zaeden and Hanita Bhambri. It is composed by Zaeden himself and produced by Polar Beats. Further sharing about the experience while working on the ‘KTMBK’ video, he said, “It was so fun shooting the video with the entire team, they really understood my vision and were as excited as I was during the shoot. They kept dancing and grooving to the song even when the director called out “cut,” it was no less than a party.” ‘KTMBK’ belongs to his upcoming debut album ‘Genesis 1:1’ which is based on Zaeden’s story and he hopes listeners are able to relate to it. He has been blessed to get so much love on the last singles from the album and Zaeden can’t wait to put out the entire album now. “I am super grateful to my fans and friends who have allowed me to explore my artistry, supported me all throughout, and let me come one step closer to completing my dream project. Everything’s already in place, so keep an eye out,” the singer said. Shilpa Sharda – Director – Artists Services – Believe India commented, “We are happy to be associated with artists like Zaeden who have their own niche style of producing independent music. It is great to see how concept driven videos like KTMBK, kho gaya and socha na tha are being well accepted and loved by the digital audience.” The song can be streamed across all major music platforms including JioSaavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.