Young man detained in theft case, 8 mobiles recovered

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, March 2
Police have detained a suspect in the case of theft of 8 mobiles from the diggy of a Scooty. The police are questioning him. It is not yet clear whether the suspect stole the mobiles or not. Let it be known that these mobiles kept in a Scooty park near Chandigarh Club on Sunday were stolen. These mobiles belonged to the youths who came to play cricket in the ground near Chandigarh Club. A young man from Nayagaon had lodged a complaint with the police in this regard. After seeing the broken diggy of Activa, he had complained to the police that Nayagaon resident Sandeep had lodged a complaint in the police control room that he had come here on Sunday to play cricket with his friends. During that time, before playing cricket, he had put the mobiles of 8 youths in the diggy of his Scooty. When he saw the end of the match, Diggy’s lock was broken and 8 mobiles were stolen from there. He then informed the police about this, after which the Sector-3 police station has registered a case against the unidentified accused after investigation.

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