Young farmers cultivates dragon fruit for first time in Jangal village of Pathankot district

The Fact News Service Pathankot, April 8
After Malwa and Doaba, some farmers in Majha have found a way to make the proverb “Lachhmi ahead of venture, wind ahead of fans” come true and they have come out of the traditional wheat-paddy crop cycle determined to be unique. With this in mind, many young farmers, keeping in view the current situation, have paved the way for the farming community by adopting and marketing commercial crops like vegetables, poles, animal husbandry, aromatic herbs, maize, pulses, oilseed crops etc. What can happen if a person has courage? One such entrepreneur is Raman Kumar Salaria, a young farmer from Jangal village in Pathankot district who has adopted conventional farming as well as some commercial crops like dragon fruit, papaya and turmeric. The wise say “Himmat-e-Mard, Madad-e-Khuda” meaning God also helps those who help themselves. The late former President Dr. Abdul Kalam also used to say that ‘self-esteem is always achieved through self-reliance’. Inspired by the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Raman Salaria has sown wheat, paddy straw without burning mulching methods with the objective of keeping the environment clean. Raman Kumar, son of Bharat Singh, a young farmer from Bharat Singh area, has done a unique job after 15 years of working as an engineer with a B.Tech pass, wanting to diversify his agriculture through his hard work and forward-thinking. Informing about his success, Raman Salaria said that nowadays social media especially WhatsApp has brought a big change in the mindset of young farmers. He said that the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare aims to impart latest technologies to young farmers. After learning about the cultivation of Dragon Fruit through the WhatsApp group run by, I came in contact with a farmer cultivating Dragon Fruit in Bruch, Gujarat after searching on the internet. He said that after consulting the Horticulture Department, in the first week of March 2019, 1000 Dragon Fruit saplings (70 / – per plant cost) were planted in 4 canals area from Gujarat. The total cost was Rs. 700 / – per poll at Rs. 1,75,000 / -. He said that initially, the residents of the area asked him not to get involved in such a scam as he felt that he was cultivating thor which was used for fencing around the fields. He said that after one year about 2 quintals of fruit has been found which has made the locals and other youth inquire about the cultivation of this fruit. He said that this crop is usually grown in low water areas. The experiment has been very successful and now the plants will be irrigated using drip irrigation method. He said that due to plant spacing of 7 feet and line to line spacing of 10 feet, other crops could also be grown as intercrops. He said that papaya plants have been planted between the two rows to generate additional income. Turmeric has been cultivated in the canal area. He said that once planted Dragon Fruit crop lasts for 25 years and new plants are produced through cuttings. He said that Dragon Fruit fruits are available in three colors (Dark Pink, Yellow and White) will be ready in March. Raman Salaria says that in order to make agriculture profitable nowadays, farmers have to work on their own by adopting new farming techniques with the advice of agronomists instead of relying on labor. He said that the use of pesticides, especially urea fertilizers and pesticides should not be used more than recommended to save the polluted environment. it can.