Yellu Amavasya celebrated in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi with religious fervour

Visuals from the fields. (Photo/ANI)

Kalaburagi (Karnataka) [India], January 14 (ANI): Harvesting festival Yellu Amavasya was celebrated on Wednesday with religious fervour in Karnataka’s Kalaburagi.
The farmers, especially of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, celebrate this festival every year in their field and spend the whole day there.
“We invite all our friends living in the cities to celebrate this festival. We offer special prayers and prepare special meals which we eat together, enjoy and spend the entire day in the fields,” a local told ANI.
Yellu Amavasya observed by farmers and is form a thanksgiving to the earth for a good harvest. All the agricultural laborers gather on the farmland and eat special meals together along with all family members. Prayers are also held in the field for a better harvest. (ANI)