World’s biggest support farmers parade outside India

Harjap Singh Aujla
The influential Punjabi diaspora based on the East Coast of the United States was very keen to do something big for our agitating farmers on the borders of India’s national capital. Finally on Saturday, April 17, 2021, the world’s largest “Support the farmers’ Parade” is being held in the financial capital of the world, the city of New York in the USA. It will be held in Mid-town Manhattan, the poshest area of New York on Madison Avenue between 25th Street and 37th Street. This will be held under the sponsorship and overall management of the East Coast’s largest and the richest Gurdwara Richmond Hill in the Queens Borough of New York City. All the big and small Gurdwaras of the East Coast of the United States, especially in the city and the state of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New England and the national capital Washington D.C. are expected to attend. It is being planned as the largest Sikh event in the world outside India. We all know well that the worldwide support for the farmer’s struggle is increasing. The Punjabi diaspora scattered all over the English-speaking world and the other Western countries are pulling their full weight behind the agitating farmers in India. These folks have not only provided the financial muscle to the struggling farmers but also extended their moral support. Upwards of fifty thousand Sikhs and as many people from the other communities are actively participating in it. The parade will start at 11:00 am with “Ardas” and it will continue for several hours. Parshad of dry fruits will be served in the beginning. Langar for one and all will be served at the endpoint of the parade. Some of the special attractions of the “Langar” will be Makki Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag as the Karhi rice combination. There will be a lecture session also at the end of the parade. The American White Sikh community is also participating actively. American and Canadian Punjabi media, including “The New York Times” and the BBC Punjabi and Hindi services are likely to cover it. The “Ajit” from Jalandhar will especially cover it. It will be the largest Sikh event of the year on the Eastern Sea Board of the United States of America. The Canadians in Ontario and British Columbia may hold similar events after the weather opens up in the frigid country. The Californians may hold such an event much earlier. As the community is swelling in numbers and making financial progress, the Punjabi diaspora is getting more and more organized and vocal and the local politicians are listening to them. Their political clout is certainly increasing. New York City alone has more than one hundred thousand Punjabis. Neighboring New Jersey has upwards of fifty thousand Punjabis. Philadelphia in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania also is home to another fifty thousand Punjabis.