Woman shaves head in solidarity with daughter battling cancer, emotional viral video

The Fact News Service

January 28

An emotional video of a mother shaving her head in solidarity with her daughter battling cancer has gone viral online. The video is being widely circulated on various social media platforms, and it will truly leave you in tears.

The video was shared on Facebook by Luciana Rebello, who is battling cancer and can be seen getting her head shaved in the clip. It also captures her emotional reaction on seeing her mom shaving her head.

The clip begins with a woman chopping off Luciana’s hair, as she gets emotional. In the video, two kids also join the woman to shave her head. It is in the middle of the video, that the mother joins her daughter and starts shaving her head in solidarity. Shocked by her mother’s gesture, the woman breaks down. The moment will bring tears to your eyes too.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)