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Woman enters zoo enclosure to feed Cheetos to monkeys, gets sacked

The Fact News Service,
New Delhi, May 26,
In a shocking incident, a woman in the US climbed into an enclosure of primates at El Paso zoo in Texas in a bid to feed the animals some Hot Cheetos. The woman’s actions were caught on camera and the video has taken social media by storm. In the video going viral, the young woman crossed into the spider monkey enclosure and interacted with the animals in very close proximity along the water body in their habitat. The video shows the woman giggling and enjoying sitting on a rock in the pen as she handed out the snacks to the monkeys. After feeding them for a while, she was seen walking across the waterbody and coming out of the enclosure with someone’s help. After the video began to circulate online, it also reached the zoo authorities. “My phone lit up, along with my boss’s,” Director Joe Montisano told the Washington Post. He described the woman as “stupid” and “lucky,” and he said zoo officials want her to face charges. The zoo director also told ABC-7 that they do plan on pressing charges and will look at installing cameras and modifying the fences preventing such incidents don’t happen in the future. However, as the public rage grew, the woman was identified as Lucy Rae by KVIA. Rae who had been a litigation assistant in a local law firm has been subsequently fired. Calling her behavior “irresponsible and reckless”, Lovett Law Firm in a statement informed: “She has been terminated.” “We support the El Paso Zoo and our thoughts go out to the spider monkeys, Libby and Sunday, and hope that they will recover from this very traumatic experience,” the statement continued. Source:(Internet)

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