With this initiative by Sonu Sood, people will get life donation

The Fact News Service
Due to the growing outbreak of coronavirus in the country, people are facing many difficulties. Particularly, there is severe shortage seen in medical facilities, due to which human lives are at stake and in the meanwhile a lot of people are helping. Meanwhile, many people are coming forward for help and one of them, the so-called Messiah Sonu Sood, is always the first to lend a helping hand towards needy, which is why he is so applauded by the people. Recently, many people died due to lack of oxygen during the corona virus epidemic. Actor Sonu Sood has released a number for Covid-19 patients to get free oxygen cylinders, on which people can get oxygen by making a missed call. Sonu shared a video on social media in which he can be seen explaining that many people have died due to lack of oxygen. “We’ve seen a lot of people lose their lives in the last few years because they didn’t get oxygen on time. If they had got oxygen in time, they might have survived,” said Sonu Sood. At the same time he also said that he has got most of the cases from Delhi, where a large number of people are from Delhi and so they can make a missed call on 022-61403615 and then you will get oxygen cylinder from us and it will be absolutely free.

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