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Why couldn’t a complete lockdown take place in Punjab?

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, May 4
The Punjab government could not take a decision to impose a complete lockdown in the state. In Haryana, the government has carried out a week-long lockdown. Lockdown is also going on in Delhi. A mini lockdown is currently underway in Punjab. Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu had suggested a complete lockdown at the Covid review meeting. Despite this, the Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh did not decide to impose a complete lockout. In fact, sources close to the Chief Minister said that Capt. Amarinder Singh had asked his Chief Secretary Suresh Kumar, Chief Secretary Vini Mahajan and DG to set up a complete lockdown. P consulted Dinkar Gupta the officials argued that if a complete lockdown was implemented, the industries would cease to operate in such a situation, and other migrant workers would start returning to their home states. Second, the government will have to provide rations for homeless workers. This will put more burden on the exchequer. So far, workers and laborers have been working in factories and making a living. Sources said that in case of a complete lockdown, the government would have to provide rations in all the districts like last year. Overall, the situation is expected to worsen. Therefore, the government has to follow the wait and watch situation. Therefore, despite the proposal put forward by the Health Minister, the Chief Minister has decided not to impose a complete lockdown keeping in view the livelihood of the people.