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What education revolution will you bring on land which is ‘cradle of civilisation’ since ages; Pargat asks Kejriwal

The Fact News Service
Chandigarh, November 24

Education Minister Pargat Singh today dared Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejariwal to explain that which education revolution he intends to bring on this sacred land which has been ‘cradle of civilisation’ since ages and have taught the masses how to read and write.

The Minister said that it is another cheap gimmick by the ‘rumour monger’ Kejriwal, who is not even aware of basic topography of Punjab. He said that Kejriwal probably forgot about the fact that he is trying to mislead people on same land where Vedas, Upanishads and others were written long before when people knew how to read and write. Pargat Singh said that what revolution can Delhi Chief Minister Bring in Punjab where Bani of great Gurus imbibed in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is already guiding destiny of people by showing them way of life.

The Minister said that it is another desperate example of Mr Kejriwal relying on cheap gimmicks to score political points. He said that currently too Punjab ranked first in the National Performance Grading Index released earlier this year while Delhi was a distant sixth. On all parameters of education, Learning outcomes, Access, Infrastructure & Facilities, Equity and Governance process Punjab was above Delhi. Likewise he said that Punjabis have expressed their faith in the government school system through increased enrollment in Primary classes from 1.93 L to 3.3 L in last 4 years adding that this shows their faith in the quality of our govt school system which has only been reiterated by the NPGI.

The Minister said that he will also like to remind the Delhi CM that in Punjab Pupil to Teacher ratio is 24.5:1 compared to 35:1 upto metric in govt schools. Also 15% of Delhi govt schools have adverse Pupil to Teacher ratios compared to 4% in Punjab. He advised Kejriwal to first ensure enough teachers for Delhi before worrying about Punjab. Mr Pargat Singh further said that Punjab is already in the process of recruiting more than 20,000 teachers by December end adding that this is in addition to 8886 who have been regularised already besides 1117 staff members who have been promoted and more are on the way.

The Minister further said that Punjab has one of the best and most transparent transfer policies in India which is fully computerised and online and is done once in a year. He said that state government has ensured ease and transparency through in house softwares. From teacher transfer policy to school data everything is possible on the click of a button something which Kejriwal government also couldn’t do during their 10 years of gimmicks in Delhi.

The Minister urged Kejriwal to not politicise the issue of Education by using tricks like training in foreign countries as state is already sending its staff for developing professional management skills at ISB Mohali. Pargat Singh said that Punjabis are harbinger of revolution and already it is being witnessed by Punjabis though Kejriwal is not aware of it.