Water crisis in summer, people started campaign in Rohtak

The Fact News Service,
Rohtak, May 30,
In summer, the unemployed will not have to face the problem of fodder and water. People associated with social organizations have started the initiative, they will provide fodder and water where there is a crowd of animals and there are completely empty spaces.  Social activist Ajay Dhankhar has formed a team of eight youth. They have started the campaign. Arrangements have been made to keep fodder for the unruly at places like Sunaria Chowk, Purana Bus Stand, Old ITI, Sukhpura Chowk, etc. Now they have also decided that some places do not have water vessels. Some social organizations had earlier provided water utensils and fodder at some places in the city. A campaign is still going on from those organizations. However, Ajay says that we are working by marking those places where there is no arrangement. Other colonies from sectors have also been included under the campaign.  Large water vessels will be kept at all places. Along with this, bread has also been arranged for dogs.

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