Viral video: Man spits on ‘tandoori rotis’ while making them, arrested

The Fact  News Web Service
Chandigarh, February 22
Well, after watching this you will definitely check Tandoori rotis and the person who cooks it before eating.  The internet is shocked at the recent video that has gone viral from a wedding in Uttar Pradesh, where a man can be seen spitting on Tandoori rotis before putting them in Tandoor. The man’s action has enraged people across social media. The wedding took place at Aroma Garden, Meerut, on 16 February. The disturbing visuals led to people tagging the Meerut police urging them to take strict action against the man on account of defying basic hygiene protocols, especially during COVID times. According to reports, the video was secretly recorded by one of the guests at the wedding who caught the cook spitting on the rotis before lining them in Tandoor. The accused has been arrested by the Meerut police. The man is identified as Naushad alias Sohail. According to the Meerut Police Twitter handle, the man was booked under IPC 268, 269, 188 and three other Epidemic Diseases acts, for which the accused could be punished for at least three years. The tweet further mentioned that the man was caught with the help of advocate Yashoda Yadav and workers of Hindu Jagran Manch.