Vanessa Bryant remembers Kobe Bryant by penning heartfelt note on his birth anniversary

Late NBA legend Kobe Bryant with wife Vanessa Bryant (Image Source: Instagram)

New Delhi [India], Aug 24 (ANI): Vanessa Bryant marked the 42nd birth anniversary of her late husband and NBA player Kobe Bryant with a long heartfelt note dedicated to him.
Vanessa posted a stunning picture on Instagram of herself with late husband along with a long note which she titled as 'To my baby.'
She began the note expressing her love for Bryant and wishing how much she wanted to celebrate the day with him and their late daughter, Gigi, both of whom passed away in a helicopter crash earlier this year.
"To my baby~ Happy birthday. I love you and miss you more than I can ever explain. I wish you and Gigi were here to celebrate YOU! I wish I could make you your fav food or a birthday cake with my Gigi. I miss your big hugs, your kisses, your smile, your loud ass deep laugh. I miss teasing you, making you laugh and bursting your bubble," she wrote.
"I miss you sitting on my lap like my big baby that you are. I think about your tenderness and patience all the time. I think about everything you would do in situations to help me deal with everything thrown my way," she added.
The 38-year-old then went on to thank her late husband for "growing up" with her and explained that the passing of her husband and daughter has left behind a void.
"Thank you for growing up with me and teaching me how to be strong. How to try to see the best in people but cutout the bs. Your thoughtful gestures and the amazing way you made us all feel is extremely missed. I picture your smile and wide big welcoming hugs daily," she wrote.
"God I miss you both so much. Our lives feel so empty without you and Gigi. I've been completely broken inside. As much as I want to cry, I put a smile on my face to make our daughters days shine a little brighter. I'm not the strong one, they are. They're strong and resilient. I'm sure you're proud of them. They put a smile on my face everyday," she added.
Furthermore, Vanessa expressed the desire to have passed away before Kobe so as to avoid the "heartache," that she has been going through ever since his demise.
"I wish I could wake up from this horrible nightmare. I wish I could surprise our girls and welcome you and Gigi home to us. I'm mad I didn't go first. I always wanted to go first so that I selfishly didn't have to feel this heartache. You were supposed to miss me. Gigi was supposed to be here with her sisters. It should've been me," she wrote.
"There's so much I wish I could tell you and show you and Gigi. So many things you would both be happy to see and be a part of. So many milestones for our girls. So many things you would be proud of. I'm so thankful I have pieces of heaven here on earth to wake up for- thanks to YOU. Thank you for loving me enough to last several lifetimes," she added.
Vanessa ended the note by stating that she will choose Kobe in "every lifetime" and thanked him for "everything."
"In every lifetime I would choose YOU. Thank you for showing me what real love is. Thank YOU for everything. I know my Gigi is celebrating you like she always has on our special days," she wrote.
"I miss my thoughtful princess so much! Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, Capri and I wish you a happy birthday my love. I love you for now, forever and for always.#amoreterno 42," she added.
Bryant, 41, and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were among the nine people killed when a helicopter they were travelling in crashed amid foggy conditions and burst into flames in the hills above Calabasas.
The basketball legend had won five NBA championships in his 20-year-long career while playing for Los Angeles Lakers. (ANI)