UT Commissioner visits C&D Waste Plant, MRF Stations & STP at 3 BRD

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Chandigarh, September 11

Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh on Friday visited various big projects of Municipal Corporation Chandigarh including Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste plant at Industrial Area Phase-I, Material Recovery Facility Station and Sewerage Treatment Plant, 3 BRD, Chandigarh.

The Commissioner instructed the concerned engineers to ensure that the C&D plant of 150 MT functions at full capacity daily. She also said that the machinery will be upgraded very soon to maximize the capacity so that most works of MCC can be executed using material from this plant.

She emphasized that awareness needs to be created in some parts of the city from where waste is still coming in mixed form in the MRF stations. She said that STPs will be upgraded to ensure high quality of tertiary treated water.

She was accompanied by concerned senior officers of the Municipal Corporation. The Chief Engineer apprised the Commissioner that the work at C&D waste plant consists of processing of construction and demolition waste & manufacturing of PCC products to be used for pavements, road work, fencing work etc. Processing plant accepts all cement, construction demolition waste except steel up to the size 1-1.5 feet which is being processed by crushing and washing in four types of aggregates i.e. sand, 10mm Bajri, 20mm Bajri, and 40mm Bajri.

After that the Commissioner visited Material Recovery Facility Centre at 3 BRD and Industrial area Phase-I, where the Joint Commissioner apprised her about the functioning of the centre. He apprised that door to door waste collection vehicles brings segregated waste i.e. dry & wet waste in different compartments at the Material Recovery Facility which is having dedicated space for sorting of recoverable dry waste into different categories like paper, card, recyclable plastics, glass bottles, metal etc. Dry waste left after recovery of recyclable materials is being compacted in huge compactors in a compost plant located in Sector 25, Daddumajra, Chandigarh. Weigh bridges have been provided for measurement of dry and wet waste within the Material Recovery Facility.

The Commissioner further visited Sewerage Treatment Plant, 3 BRD. She reviewed the waste water management system in Chandigarh where she was briefed by the Chief Engineer about treatment of sewage received in STP.

The Commissioner also visited Water Works at Sector 39, Chandigarh and she was apprised by the Chief Engineer that 87 MGD canal water received from Kajauli Water works and further distributed as per the set pattern. He informed that the per capita availability of water is 245 LPCD which is highest in the country.

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