US continues exports restrictions to Huawei: Pompeo

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (file photo)

Washington DC [USA], May 16 (ANI): The United States will continue to restrict exports to Huawei, with a new rule issued on Friday, which will block companies around the world from using American-made machinery and software to design or produce chips for the Chinese telecom giant of its entities.
US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in a statement on Friday said the United States will continue to restrict most US exports to Huawei and its affiliates on the Entity List for activities that threaten US national security and international stability.
"The US government today took another step to protect US national security and the integrity of 5G networks by expanding the Commerce Department's foreign direct product rule to restrict Huawei from circumventing US law," Pompeo said.
He also said that the US will not tolerate efforts by the Chinese Communist Party to undermine the privacy of its citizens or the integrity of next-generation networks worldwide.
Earlier on Friday, the US Department of Commerce announced new export rules to restrict Huawei's acquisition of American technology to build its semiconductors.
In May last year, Washington blacklisted Huawei and about 70 of its affiliates from purchasing US technology and doing business with US companies without relevant government authorization.
The new Commerce Department rule will prevent the US and foreign companies from exporting semiconductors and chipsets designed with US software and technology to Huawei.
The department announced that it would extend a license that allows some American companies, particularly in rural US communities, to continue to do business with Huawei for another 90 days, as per an official release.
The Trump administration accuses Huawei of collaborating with Chinese intelligence services and using its equipment for illegal surveillance purposes thus posing a threat to US national security and global stability. However, the company refutes the allegation as unjustified and politically motivated. (ANI)

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