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UP Villagers Jump into River to Avoid ‘Poisonous Injection’ During Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

The Fact News Service,
 Sisaurha, May 24,
In an extreme example of vaccine hesitancy, a group of people in Barabanki’s Sisaurha village jumped into the Saryu river after seeing a team of health officials coming to inoculate them against coronavirus. Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Ramnagar tehsil Rajiv Kumar Shukla said the incident took place. According to reports, around 200 people, who did not want to get vaccinated, fled their homes. As the health officials and the vaccination team were on the road, they ran toward the river bank. Shukla said he made the villagers understand the importance and benefits of vaccination, and tried to dispel the myths, following which 18 people in the village got the jabs. The villagers said they jumped into the river because some people had told them that this was not a vaccine, but a poisonous injection. The bizarre scene was witnessed at Sisauda village in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district when a team of health officials reached the village on Sunday to vaccinate the residents against Covid-19. Source:(Internet)

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