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Union Home Ministry writes letter to Punjab government, seeking protection of RSS chief

The Fact New service
Chandigarh, February 27
The Home Ministry has quoted Nihang’s state government statement on January 28, which said that the Nihangs had directly threatened the RSS chief. The Union Government, which became serious about the violence at the Red Fort during the farmers’ agitation, has once again targeted the farmers of Punjab who are protesting against the agricultural laws. The Union Home Ministry has written a letter to the Punjab government asking it to review the security arrangements of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in the state. The Home Ministry has also asked the governments of Haryana and Maharashtra to review the security of Mohan Bhagwat in their respective states under the letter. The letter sent to the Punjab Chief Secretary and DGP of Punjab Police said that the security of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has been reviewed by the Home Ministry in consultation with the central security agencies. According to security agencies, a provocative statement was issued to Singhu Border on the night of January 28-29, alleging that the RSS had been sent on January 28 to disrupt the peasant agitation at Singhu Border. Was Any attempt to evacuate the protest site will be met with violent retaliation. In a statement, Nihang warned the RSS chief that any attempt to send RSS volunteers to the farmers’ protest site could lead to violence. The letter said that in view of the above situation, the security of the RSS chief in the state should be reviewed and all appropriate and necessary steps should be taken. The state currently runs about 900 branches of the RSS, of which 30 are operating in districts bordering Pakistan.

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