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UK man flies 130 km via helicopter to eat favourite sandwich in lockdown

The period of global lockdown has seen people going to extreme lengths to get hold of their favourite comfort food. Recently, we saw how a UK woman defied the restrictions and drove across 100 miles to get herself a McDonald’s burger. S

he was later fined by police authorities for undertaking ‘non-essential’ travel amid the pandemic. And now, another piece of news has surfaced which proves that the love for food knows no bounds.

A UK-based farm shop shared a video of a customer, who reportedly flew 130km to their eatery via helicopter to get his favourite sandwich through takeaway. 

The video was shared by @chippingfarmshop, which is a UK-based farm shop selling organic, farm-fresh goodies. They are known for their bakery products and gourmet food which keeps customers coming back. The clip showed a man on a helicopter who was hand-delivered the order by a staff member. He took the order and flew away in the chopper. “When your customers are literally ‘flying in’ to collect their favourite,” the eatery wrote in the caption.

The short clip was viewed over 3.6k times and also received hundreds of comments from users. “Rename the sandwich ‘The Chopper Whopper’,” wrote one user and another said, “Those sandwiches must be good.”

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