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This ‘smart watch’ will help protect your children from corona in the third wave

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New Delhi, June 6
Many reports claim that the third wave of corona may affect children more. If you also have tension with children, this news can give you relief. In fact, GOQii, a smart wearable and preventive healthcare brand, has launched a new smart watch, especially for children, ‘Smart Vital Junior’ to keep an eye on children in the country in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. Founder and CEO of GOQii Smart Healthcare Vishal Gondal said in a statement that the epidemic has been mainly challenging for children as it has changed their lifestyle in many ways. In this case, the watch will monitor children’s health goals, online pediatricians and other health aspects such as workout sessions to help speed recovery as a result of timely treatment. As we mentioned earlier, this new smartwatch is designed for children, so it has a special display and colorful straps, which are made with a soft material that looks at children’s skin. It will fit well on their wrists. It will act as a sporty device that monitors children’s blood-oxygen levels, heart rate and temperature levels in real time.
New ‘Smart Watch’ protect your children from corona in the third wave
Parents will be able to monitor their children’s health through the GOQii mobile app and will also use it to seek advice from GOQii coaches for better health goals for their children. Register your kids for a special kids workout session on GOQii Play. Many special brain and memory games are also available on the GOQii app to make it even more fun and exciting for kids. It has 18 support modes, including activities like walking, running and yoga. The watch also has features like find my phone, alarm and call-message notifications including sleep tracking. In terms of price, you only have to spend Rs 4,999 for this watch. The Smart Vital Junior will be available for order from the GOQii app and is also available on online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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