This group from Nellore perform last rites of the unclaimed coronavirus victims

Image credits: The New Indian Express

The Fact News Service, September 15

A group of people in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh teamed up to perform the last rites of the unclaimed dead bodies of coronavirus victims.

As per the reports, they did it for 18 such bodies. The 25-member team performs the last rites taking all the precautionary measures wearing PPE kits. As per the reports, the get calls from the local government hospital to perform the last rites of the unclaimed bodies. They get the PPE kits from an NGO.

“There is nothing to fear about cremating or burying the body of a Covid-19 victim as the WHO and ICMR declared that the virus does not stay in a dead body more than six hours. We have been performing the last rites as per the victims’ religious traditions,” reportedly said Dr M V Ramanaiah, who leads the team.

Another member of their team, Vankadari Srinivasulu reportedly said that it was pathetic that even the close relatives of the victims hesitate to attend the funerals.

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