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Third wave of Corona to come in Sept: Ludhiana DMC Hospital

The Fact News Service
Ludhiana, June 30

A possible third wave of corona may come after September 2021. This possibility has been expressed by the Community Medicine Department of the Christian Medical College (CMC) and Hospital, Ludhiana. On behalf of the department, through predictive modeling (logistic modeling) regarding corona, it is being seen that what is the current trend regarding corona.

Head of the department Dr Samuel says that by analyzing the data of the positive cases coming daily, the department assesses what the situation will be with Corona in a week, a month, or two months. In the first and second waves, all the assessments made by us so far have proved to be correct.

According to the calculations we have done now, there is a possibility that the third wave of corona may come in late September and October. One reason for this is that for those who have been vaccinated till March, their immunity will remain till September. Because the effect of the vaccine is not forever, but for a certain period of time.

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