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The Healthcare system in the country is already at a critical juncture

Narinder Jagga
The threat of corona remains. But the spread of corona in the villages is becoming a matter of great concern. The healthcare system in the country is already at a critical juncture. However, now the epidemic in the villages has created major challenges. Many reasons are being given for the spread of corona in the villages. • Earlier it was believed that the epidemic was spreading rapidly due to a different form of corona from England. But later it became clear that this Corona spread across India was different from England. • There have been reports that many villages in the country are being affected by the corona. Corona has also spread rapidly in the rural areas of Punjab. So far in the rural areas, the issue of Corona has been politicized. Teams coming to the villages to test the corona have been turned away. • The main reason for the spread of this disease in the villages is also the activists returning from the peasant movement. Two days ago there was a lot of controversy over the statement of Punjab Rural Development Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa. Bajwa’s statement was that corona was spreading in the villages. • Politics began with this and eventually the minister had to refute his own statement. The situation in the rural areas is still such that the teams coming to investigate are not being co-operated in the villages. • People in rural areas have their own logic. Even if their report is positive, they reject it. There are even places where health workers have to be accompanied by police for their own safety. Due to this protest, Asha workers have started avoiding going to the villages. There are so many instances in Punjab alone where the health workers protested because they went to check the corona in the rural areas. • There are hundreds of such incidents in rural areas across the country where health workers have been protested. Speaking only of Punjab, the Punjab government has also imposed various restrictions to curb the spread of corona in rural areas. For example, corona report has been made mandatory for outsiders entering villages and entry into villages. Despite this, the Punjab government and the administrative staff are showing weakness in implementing these instructions. The concern is obviously that the health workers are not being given a chance. As a result, the risk of this epidemic is increasing. Punjab has gone through a period of extremism in which thousands of lives have been lost and countless families have not been able to get back on their feet. Great dangers remain for families. The concern now is how to provide treatment to those affected in rural areas. The problem is getting to the village. As well as treating people. The situation is that the already absence of doctors in rural areas has weakened health services. The clash between the doctors distributed under the Zila Parishad and the health department is not over yet. The full emphasis of the government is on the treatment of the people in the rural areas. This situation is not only in Punjab but also in other states. The Prime Minister in a meeting with the Chief Ministers of various states a few days back also expressed concern over the fact that in view of these circumstances, it should be emphasized that health care services must go to the block level.

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