The graph of corona patients starts to decrease because of Mini-Covid centers

The Fact News Service,
Chandigarh, May 30,
So far 15 patients have gone home after recovering from the Mini Covid Care Center set up in the Sports Complex, Sector-43, Chandigarh. Amardeep Singh Reen, the representative of Chandigarh of United Sikh, an international organization that prepares the center, said that when the center was started on May 19, 20 patients were admitted. After this, patients started coming and currently, there are 10 patients in this center. Amardeep Singh said that we take special care of the diet of corona patients in our center. Patients are served food that has a high protein content. Apart from this, coconut water, lemonade, juice, and fruits are given to every patient once a day. To ensure that patients have a good time pass, games like Carrom board, Ludo and Chase have also been placed in the center. Apart from this, the Corona victims who want to stay at home and get their treatment, are also given their diet from time to time, so that they do not have any problem. Apart from this, if needed, we will put in 50 more beds. He told that before our organization, a Covid Care Center is being run in Bangalore and Delhi, before this, we are not having any problem running this center. Three doctors have been deployed at the center, who are present in three shifts, besides two doctors have been kept for the time being.

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