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Rivals in court, lockdown brings together | Roger and Rafael interact with each other

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Recently, tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer interacted with each other over Instagram live chat and shared their quarantine experience with each other.

Rafael Nadal shared the video of their interaction on Instagram from his tennis academy’s (Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy) official account. Starting with asking about each other’s families and friends, both of them then expressed their views on the pandemic situation.

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal said that he was very frustrated with the fact that the tennis players could not practice amid the lockdown. On the other hand, Roger Federer said that he was feeling good as he was recovering after his knee surgery.

Looking on to the current scenario, the Spanish government has extended the lockdown till May 9. Talking about his academy, Rafael Nadal said that they were following the government’s advisories and all the students at the academy were looked after by the officials.

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Have a look at the live video session:

Further, he said, “It’s true I don’t understand very well because we cannot play tennis when many people are going to work and even so in our sport, where we keep at a large and safe distance, and we play on opposite sides of court.”

Further, he said that he understood the situation and there were many things that were not logical but they had to accept the rules. In the session, the players also talked about their school days when they started playing tennis.

Nadal said that he used to go to school and after that, he used to practice for 2 hours playing tennis. He was also fond of playing football during his childhood.

Roger Federer said that he was happy and trying to recover after his knee surgery. It might be noted that it was his second knee surgery in his tennis career.

He said, ” It is OK, I had a really good first six weeks, then it was a bit slower (recovery), now it is getting better again but I have plenty of time. There’s no stress, no rush. I just want the knee to be good. It doesn’t matter when I return.”

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