Taxation department intensifies its efforts to check tax evasion

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The Fact News Service

Chandigarh, August 10

On the Chief Minister’s directives, the vigorous checking by the Enforcement Wing of Taxation Department led to the imposition of penalty worth Rs. 4.12 crore on 310 defaulter vehicles out of total 348 during the month of July 2020 especially amid trying circumstances of Covid-19. Notably, the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has already given stern instructions to the Taxation Department not to be complacent on the part of tax evasion.

While reviewing the performance of the Taxation Department, the Commissioner Taxation Nilkanth Avhad appreciated the efforts of the Enforcement Wing in detecting the GST evasions thus preventing the loss to State exchequer. He categorically asked the officers not to compromise on the tax collection at any cost and should take on the tax evaders to mop up state’s revenue.

According to a spokesperson of the Taxation Department, the penalty of Rs. 1.76 Crore on Vehicles carrying iron scrap, Rs. 1.12 Crore on Vehicles carrying iron and steel finished goods, Rs. 65 Lakh on Vehicles carrying (parchoon)/mixed items, Rs. 15.5 Lakh on Vehicles carrying Aluminium scrap/Copper scrap, Rs. 7.5 Lakh on Vehicles carrying Cigarette/Tobacco products and Rs. 34.81 Lakh on Vehicles carrying miscellaneous items, has been imposed during July 2020.

Divulging further, the spokesperson stated that in terms of commodity wise distribution in the month of July 2020, iron scrap accounted for 42% of the total penalty, while finished goods in iron and steel accounted for 27% of the total penalty and parchoon/mixed items accounted for 15% of the total penalty imposed.

Amongst the various officers posted in mobile wings in Punjab, the maximum detection of tax evasion during July 2020 was carried out by STO Rajeev Sharma working in MW Chandigarh-2. He imposed a total penalty of Rs. 55 lakh in 21 cases during July 2020. The maximum penalty in a single case that has been imposed in the month of July 2020 is 14 lakhs. It was a case of bogus purchase of copper scrap and aluminum scrap amounting to approximately Rs 45 lakhs. The vehicle was detained for checking on the GT road near Shambhu, subsequently, on investigation, a penalty of Rs.14 lakh was imposed, the spokesperson added.