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Tanishq pulls down ad after #BoycottTanishq trends online

The Fact News Service

October 13

Tanishq has removed its new advertisement from social media after certain sections, mostly Right Wing, accused the jewellery brand of promoting what they called ‘Love Jihad’ through the commercial video. #BoycottTanishq trended furiously on Twitter all throughout Monday after the advertisement of their new jewellery line, titled Ekatvam, was released to celebrate “unity in oneness”.

As per reports in India Today Tanishq, however, also found itself on the receiving end of criticism on the internet on Tuesday, as social media criticised the brand for giving into vicious trolling and taking down the ad.

Tanishq crafted a beautiful ad that depicted the story of a Hindu woman, married into a Muslim family. In the advert, the young woman, expecting her first child, is escorted to the garden by her gracious mother-in-law for a ceremony. Soon after arriving at the celebration area, the woman is surprised to witness that the ceremony has been organised as per Hindu rituals. She asks her mother-in-law about it, saying, “Par yeh rasam toh aapke ghar mein nahi hoti hai na? (But this ceremony is not celebrated at your place, isn’t it?),” and is told, “Bitiya ko khush karne ki rasam toh har ghar mein hoti hai na? (The ceremony to make the daughter happy is held in every house, isn’t it?)”

As per media reports several Twitter users shared the advert on their timelines. “The Tanishq ‘Love Jihad’ ad that has now been taken down. Disgusting,” a user said, and also tweeted the advert.

(story sourced through inputs from agencies)