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Take maximum advantage of subsidy given by PEDA on domestic biogas plants: DC Barnala

The Fact News Service
Barnala, February 23

Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA), by the environment of care, domestic natural district to encourage the use of gas is being given subsidy on domestic biogas (biogas) plants, the environment, wherewith the use of domestic and natural gas, the beneficiaries on a large scale get huge economic savings with cheap biogas and also get good fertilizer. This information was given by Deputy Commissioner Tej Partap Singh Phoolka.

Phoolka said that PEDA would set up biogas plants of 4 and 6 cubic meters capacity. Beneficiaries should have 5 animals for 4 meters capacity biogas and 8 animals for 6 cubic meters. The 4 cubic meter capacity biogas plant can cater to 10-11 persons and the 6 cubic meter capacity biogas plant can cater to 14-16 persons per day.

He said that for setting up of biogas plant a general category beneficiary would be given a subsidy of Rs. 12000 per plant and if any beneficiary connects his toilet with a biogas plant he would be given an additional subsidy of Rs. 1600. In addition, with the biogas plant, we get cheap, clean, and good fertilizer and we can save our traditional energy reserves like oil, coal, wood, etc. for the next generation. In addition, we can get rid of countless diseases, such as cancer and asthma.

Gurmeet Singh, District Manager, PEDA, Barnala said that about 4000 Biogas Plants (Dung Gas) have been set up in District Barnala so far.

For more information, District Manager PEDA can be contacted at ADC (Development) Office, Barnala.