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Students and teachers, both are putting efforts to cope up with online learning

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The Fact News Service, June 8

Manav Bansal

After the outbreak of coronavirus, the lockdown was imposed. One thing which was most liked by the students was colleges being closed. Obviously, the school-goers did not find it good as their exams were going on and they were left in a dilemma and fear. But talking about college students, there were mixed reactions. Some knew how contagious the disease was and some still wanted the colleges to remain open.

But undoubtedly, both the learners and the educators have witnessed a change in the method of studying and they need to stay with this change in the future as well. The Fact News team managed to talk to some of the students studying in different streams and different colleges in Punjab. We asked for their opinion because we wanted to know what changes, fears, experiences they went through amid the lockdown in context to their study. 

Ishita Sharma is pursuing Bachelors in Journalism and Mass and Communication. She is in the second year of her degree. She says that no one was prepared for this change and no one even expected it.

Ishita Sharma (Second-year student pursuing BA journalism and Mass Communication)

“Our online classes started two weeks prior to the mid-semester exams. Honestly, it felt like the professors focused more on completing the syllabus for the semester. A Journalism student needs a lot of practical exposure. We cannot learn the things sitting at home, which we can learn inside the college premises. But I understand the situation right now. One needs to live with it for a while. As many foreign students also study at our college, there are higher risks of getting infected and I don’t think the colleges should open any soon. We can manage to attend online lectures for a while.” 

Himanshu Jaiswal is a student of Computer Science Engineering. He is in the sixth semester of his bachelor’s degree. Being an engineering student, he also says that the online classes are not proving beneficial for them.

Himanshu Jaiswal (Third-year student pursuing B. Tech. Computer Science Engineering)

“I attended a few online classes and I did not find it beneficial. The very first thing is that we cannot do the practical work and be it any stream, the college-goers focus more on practical than theory. Understanding, the situation, the colleges should open gradually. One can focus on the theoretical part sitting at home but practical learning is what we are lacking. The colleges and the students should take it as their responsibility to take all the precautionary measures.”

Kashish is also a second-year student and she is doing BA, Economics Honours. But she has a completely different opinion, she says that it would be a foolish decision if the colleges reopen.

Kashish (Second-year student pursuing BA Economics Honours)

“Online classes are helping me complete my syllabus and these are a boon for us. The authorities should not even think of reopening the colleges and schools because undoubtedly, they would be in contact with each other. I think it would be better if the universities conduct online exams or promote the students on the basis of their academic record.”

Other than the students, we talked to a teacher also. Vikas Gawande is an Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at Punjab College of Technical Education. In his opinion, the lockdown has been more difficult for the teachers than the students.

Vikas Gawande (Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication, PCTE)

“As teachers, we spend hours to make the presentations more and more attractive for the online sessions. It is very difficult to keep the students engaged during an online lecture. A teacher can physically engage the student in a classroom lecture. But that is obviously not possible during the online sessions. Also, some students are not so privileged to have smartphones. They are deprived of the studies and get depressed.”

The parents too are not happy as their children struggling. Geeta is the mother of a final year student. Her daughter has gone to Delhi for her industrial training. Luckily, she returned home before the lockdown was imposed. But she did not get the training certificate till now.

Geeta Mahajan (Mother of a BA final year student)

“The college authorities are asking for the certificate from my daughter and we can not take the risk of sending her to Delhi again as the condition is worsening every day in Delhi.”

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